YES…4 more speeches this month!

Sure…I guess this is ok.

Naturally, I want it to be more.  I am ALWAYS wanting more.  But I have to stay calm and BUILD my business.  The problem is that I hate it when I am NOT building my business.  Everyday I should be making phone calls, meeting with people, networking, etc.

The problem is that I don’t talk very well.  See the dilemma?

Sometimes I tape record the calls.  I have had meetings when I thought I was spectacular and I couldn’t wait to hear how I sounded.  I turn on the tape and each time I am stunned. I can’t believe what I am hearing.  I THINK I am doing a good job, but when I hear myself speak, I realize that all the people AROUND me are the ones being kind. I am terrible…even after 6.5 years.

When I talk…and read from a script, I do great.  But when I try to improvise, that is where I fall down. I am thinking about scripting MORE of my calls.   What do you think?