What are you waiting for?


November–a month to recognize.  Go to http://goo.gl/vWB5ak  for a full explanation.

I went for my prostate examination yesterday..and my PSA (prostate specific antigen) test. If anybody over 50 is NOT getting this done, forward him the article.  If he still refuses, make an appointment FOR him and MAKE him go.  1 out of 6 are diagnosed with prostate cancer.  If you catch it NOW, he WILL be saved.

You WILL be saving his life…don’t wait!

I am starting to get traction…


I felt I was ready last year to start marketing myself, so I started AGAIN to record my calls. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was to hear me speak. Even one year later, I still can’t believe what is coming out of my mouth.

Before I make the call to my prospect, I generally have an idea of what I want to accomplish; I have a whole sequence that I lead him through.  I picked up this great suggestion at last years NSA meeting after speaking to Laurie Guest.  I told her I couldn’t communicate properly with people and she suggested this:

  • Get email and phone number
  • Send 1 0f 3 initial emails
  • Send 2nd email
  • Call for appt ONLY
  • Please take 2 minutes to view this video I did on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0Kv2dfxMF8ItIt really explains my predicament!

Then, I play him/her the video:


Now, I am gearing up for a number of follow up appointments. After almost a year, this is starting to gain traction.   I need to take it to the NEXT level.  I will let you know how it goes. Wish me luck!

I am starting to try my NEW approach!

If you remember from 2 months ago, I was beginning to start my NEW approach.  I was a bit wary on it, so I asked some of my friends what they thought and they gave me a few ideas.  So I took their ideas, “memorized” my lines and now I am ready to go. So far, it is encouraging…but only time will tell!  Here is my plan:


  • Get email and phone number
  • Send 1 0f 3 initial emails
  • Send 2nd email
  • Call for appt ONLY
  • Send YouTube email
  • Have scripted conversation (carefully script)
  • After talk, if appropriate, present 3 options and say:
    • “Super. I am going to think this thru and then get back to you with 3 options.  Let’s schedule something now.  What looks good for you on xxxx?
  • Prepare 3 options
  • Call to present (I think I want to include a summary statement?)
  • Attempt to close

What do you think? Anything missing?


Since I have had my new action plan in place (for 3 days), I have gotten a few nibbles.  I started out sending the email out to the people I have had trouble reaching, and three of them have responded!

This really excites me!  Here’s the process I am following:

  • Get emails and phone numbers
  • Send 1st email
  • Send 2nd email
  • Call for appt
  • When I reach prospect, schedule appointment ONLY; don’t talk about it
  • Send YouTube email
  • Have scripted conversation to understand their needs (Still working on it)
  • After talk, if appropriate, tell the prospect I want to present 3 options
  • Set appointment date
  • Prepare 3 options
  • Call to present (I think I want to include a summary statement?)
  • Close

I better start working on the scripted presentation. This may be the turning point….

Top 3 Reasons Why I Love TODAY!

Does that sound weird….loving everyday?  I only started feeling that way AFTER I had my stroke.

What changed?  When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I see is my beautiful wife.  So each day, I begin with a smile. So what makes me happy?

1. The Weather.  It can rain, snow, be sunny, cloudy, cold…whatever.  I just marvel at each day.

2. My Appointments.  I have appointments almost every day and I truly like all the people that I meet.  They make me feel energized.

3. Life. Everyday is precious. I just marvel how blessed I feel to know such wonderful people in my life.

What has changed?  The stroke….and I am glad I had it!!! (Don’t tell Jill!!)  If I didn’t, I would be missing these awesome things… everyday.

Why is talking so hard?

Sometimes I forget what it was like when Gordon could speak freely.  At home, we have mostly normal conversations–he says a sentence, I say a sentence, and so on.  He needs a few prompts now and then but we mostly understand each other.  But when we go to a meeting or have a phone appointment, I watch his language disappear.  It is clear from the look on his face that he is trying SO HARD to get coherent, orderly words to come out of his mouth.  Instead, choppy, disorganized words start coming, then all words stop and he looks at me to express his thoughts for him.

For a long time, I thought if he could relax, the words would come.  Not so.  Regaining language and cognition is much more complicated than that.  Even now, 6 years post-stroke, we have at least one conversation every day where Gordon starts in the middle of a thought and I have to ask him to start over from the beginning of his thought.  It doesn’t occur to him that I don’t know what he is thinking.

Jill Viggiano