Hello this is ______. How may I help you?

I cringe when ever I hear those words!

I think it was from all those times calling HP and all those companies supplying support to the PC platform.  Unfortunalely, I never could understand what they were saying.  It wasn’t THEIR fault,  but it was hard and very difficult to deal with.  The calls were frustrating to me: I had to keep asking them to repeat.  I am sure it was frustrating for them…also.  When I heard a few years that Apple Computer had a total US call center, I went with Apple…and I haven’t looked back.

There is one PC program I still use: Quicken.  I even recently bought a new PC just to run that!  I have been using Quicken for years (since 1989), but never had a problem.  That changed last year.

I used to be able to figure things out.  With the stroke, that changed completely.  Luckily for me, I still try to figure problems out. But when I get stuck, I call the help line.   So far, I placed 3 calls over the past year.  The first 2 were easy solutions that my wife could answer..I just didn’t ask her.

The call today was different

I  won’t bother you with the details, but I spoke to a girl from Guatemala…and I could only detect a very slight accent. I asked her how long she worked there…she told me only a few months.

When the first thing didn’t work, she told me she can fix it, but it will take awhile.   She could tell I was super happy, because I gladly said YES.  She had me looking for things (she didn’t tell me why each thing was important) and told me exactly where to look.  When I didn’t understand (a normal occurrence for me) she didn’t get mad…she just said it in a different way.  Isn’t this the kind of call you always wanted?

When she was done (in 45 minutes) she asked me if there is anything else she can do.  I wanted to  think of something just to see how she handled it…but I told here she did a great job.

Quicken is a fabulous company and they truly care about their customers. Here is what they sent to me after the call:

Quicken offered excellent help and I will tell anyone who will listen. HP and all those other companies can learn something from this!!!!

Check out my new Apple Watch!

IMG_0636It is so COOL!

I got a Fitbit for Christmas from my wife.  It’s funny, because I ALSO gave HER a Fitbit.  She said I don’t move around much and she wanted a way to show me how sedentary I was becoming.  I got her one because I thought is was really neat.

Anyway, I figured we could compete: who has the most steps in a day.  I thought I would kill her on steps!

On the first few days, I had 1500-2000 steps; she had over 10,000!  I couldn’t believe it.  She MUST be cheating.  So then I watched her.  She went up and down the stairs, walked around outside, went to the grocery store, etc.  At the end of the day, she had exceeded her goal of 10,000 steps…and I still had my paltry 1500 steps.

We had a treadmill when I first had my stroke, but we gave it back after a few years. Rats!

Then a miracle happened: our neighber called THAT DAY and asked us if we wanted to take back the treadmill!!! They weren’t using it. I said YES!

As soon as we got the treadmill delivered, I brought a TV and put NetFlix on it. I told Jill that I would get 10,000 steps 5 days per week.  If we couldn’t get it from walking, I would use the treadmill. She sort of believed me.

We are now 5 months since I set my goal.  Before I tell you the results, how do you think I did????

Here are the stats for the last 28 days.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 11.35.51 AM


Since I began in January, I only missed 4 days of not achieving my 10,000 steps.