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Creating a Wheelchair-Friendly Home: A Complete Guide

A friend of ours had Mesothelioma from removing asbestos from her house

Renters Rights and Housing Assistance for People with Disabilities
Managing Your Child’s Transition to Adulthood
Home Modifications for Adults with Special Needs
Special Needs Checklist: How Disability-Friendly is Your City?
Vocational Training for Adults with Special Needs

Sleep Guide For People With Disabilities

Online Shopping For Consumers With Disabilities

Learning Disabilities

Go Back to School After Turning 65

Health Care Resources for people with disabilities

According to the United States Census Bureau, roughly 15 percent of people with disabilities have started their own businesses, and that number is growing. In fact, the percentage of disabled business owners overshadows the 10 percent of non-disabled business owners in the United States. Many people with disabilities are launching successful businesses from home, franchises, and even niche startups. If THIS describes you, please check this out! 

As I age, this is becoming VERY important Senior Guidance  Helping seniors during the most difficult times

Check out this fantastic new tool for saving money on mobility and accessibility devices and tech in 2018: 100+ Resources, Tips, and Discounts on Mobility and Accessibility Products for Seniors and the Disabled

Raising a child with special needs can be one of the richest experiences life has to offer, but it is also one of the most costly.  Financial Planning for A Child with Special Needs  

Raising Children on a Single Income  I put this in because of the caregivers that leave a stroke victim…fending on their own

2018 Credit Guide for Military Members and Their Families    if you are serving the military … (like our son)

Moving Advice for Seniors and People with Disabilities

Treatment Guide for Individuals with a Disability

Single Mothers Financial Help

Legal Resources for Special Needs
Keeping Disabled Persons Safe While Remodeling
Creating a Home Where Your Disabled Child can Thrive
Teacher Resources for Special Needs
Disaster Preparedness for Special Needs
Disability and Credit Scores
Disability Resources from the Department of Labor
Tips for Disabled Persons to Declutter and Organize their Home
Financial Planning for Special Needs
National Council for Aging Care

Sleeping Disabilities

Cerebral Palsy Assistance

Cerebral Palsy Group

Nursing Home Abuse Center

Recall Report

Testosterone Strokes and Blood Clots

NuvaRing & Strokes

Drug Watch

NIH Stroke Scale

Legal Planning for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Ultimate Disability Accommodation Guide

Consumer Dangers

Positive Health Wellness

How to prevent credit card fraud

Lifts and Other Home Adjustments for Disabled Individuals

Information for Disabled Persons (

Disability Accommodation in the Home (Cost Guide)

A Guide for Disabled Homebuyers

Keep Your Home through Debilitating Disease

American Association on Health and Disability Resource Center

Swimming and Special Needs

Stay Active with a Disability: Quick Tips

State-by-State Help for Family Caregivers

Guide for Family Caregivers

Routines and Children with Disabilities

Beneficial Activities for Kids with Special Needs

The Ultimate Guide to Flying with Autistic Children

Teaching Students with Special Needs

Homeschooling and Special Needs Children

College Assistance Guide for People with ADHD’s Guide for Family Caregivers

A Safety Guide for Disabled Pedestrians

A New Savings Plan for the Disabled

A Guide for Disabled Homebuyers

Financial Assistance for Accessibility Home Repairs and Modifications

Home Accessibility Costs

Quit Day- Quit Smoking for Good!

Addiction Guide

RX Dangers

Legal Resources for Seniors

Veterans Benefits for Seniors

Making the Move to Assisted Living

Keeping Seniors Safe with While Remodeling

Disaster Preparedness for Seniors

Advanced Care Planning

Home Accommodations for Seniors

Tips for Seniors to Declutter and Organize their Home

Elder Care Resources