I am BACK!

IMG_0498Wow!   I never thought that being out for two weeks would be so tough! I like being “one with my blog.

It is already Day 20 into No-Shave November…and I can’t wait for it to be over. I HATE having a beard…but I totally agree what it stands for:  Please don’t get prostate cancer. Get it check NOW, today…not tomorrow..

And if you have family members with colon cancer, get it check now.  You don’t have to wait… and the people around you will be happy!

I will start up again on my blog tomorrow.

Where is that list again?

It is so simple…a fifth grader can do it.  So why do I have such a hard time remembering
what to bring to my presentations..even after 2 years of doing it?  Jill created her famous CheckList.  She has a list for everything: shopping, travel, Costco, Target, Christmas,Things To Do, etc.  EVERYTHING.

At first, I said “Don’t be silly.  I don’t need a CheckList.”  But, she still prepared one for me “just in case.”  And I am glad she did.  I only had 5 things to remember…and I forgot the slide show!  How could I do that?  I was proud that I remembered the Speaker Introduction, my water, the speakers, and iPad….but I forgot the slide show.  Fortunately, we didn’t leave and Jill quickly handed me her CheckList, which you will see below.  Now, every time, I go over the CheckList.   Each time (and I have given over 100 presentations) I say “thank you so much for doing this for me.”  Jill is a star!  She just smiles.


-Take Picture


-A table (close by): I use my laptop so I can see the slides being projected

-I have a few video clips that must have sound; (I will need to make sure that the sound from the video goes thru the sound system)

-Cordless lapel mic

-20 Minute Presentation

-30 Minute SALES Presentation

-40 Minute Keynote

-Painful Blessing

-Q & A -Jill Viggiano

-Emailed CORRECT version to iPad

-RECEIVED Correct Version




-Small speakers

-Speaker Introduction/Summary


-Business Cards



-Everyone need Bookmarks

-Clip board with emails

-Count Attendees

-Count Inquires

-Books Delivered

-Books Sold

-Avg price per book


-Ask for Refs

A little preparation?

It is funny. I thought by now, after well over 100 speeches …on the SAME topic, I wouldn’t have to prepare anymore.  NOPE!

As much as I try to deliver the talk, without any notes, I STILL have to look at where I am.  This is frustrating… yet enlightening.  I’m constantly changing the presentation.  Let me re-phrase: I change a word here or there.  Changing a few words makes me have to read the whole sentence.  Since I don’t know what sentence come next, I am stuck reading!

At least you know you are getting fresh material!

What Does It Feel Like?

Jill+Gordon-115_rt_largewebI have been a Published Author for a week now and we have already received beautiful letters from people who read “Painful Blessing.”  It is a wonderful and humbling experience to know that my words are meaningful, entertaining, thought provoking, and inspiring to others.

Of course, people write books hoping to sell the books.  I now know that the real hope is that people READ the book.  I hope many more people read Painful Blessing and that we receive many more letters.

Happy Birthday!

Wow…I can’t believe it is my 57the birthday already!   I thought my birthday ENDED at 51 years-the year I had the stroke. But I was blessed to live a few years longer…

– Watching my small kids grow up to be charming adults

– Looking at my wife publishing a book on all that had happened

– Doing my Trivia each day on my voicemail

– Saying THANK YOU to the more than 60 emails wishing me a Happy Birthday

You don’t realized how GOOD you have it…until it stops.  Maybe its the stroke, but I DO recognize this and I am THANKFUL to all those involved. God Bless you all!