I am BACK!

IMG_0498Wow!   I never thought that being out for two weeks would be so tough! I like being “one with my blog.

It is already Day 20 into No-Shave November…and I can’t wait for it to be over. I HATE having a beard…but I totally agree what it stands for:  Please don’t get prostate cancer. Get it check NOW, today…not tomorrow..

And if you have family members with colon cancer, get it check now.  You don’t have to wait… and the people around you will be happy!

I will start up again on my blog tomorrow.

We are one step closer

Jill+Gordon-129Look, we now have a photo of the two of us!

I don’t want to say anything, but who do you think looks better?  OK, fine.  Jill looks FABULOUS!  I look at her…and I am so amazed she married me.  I feel blessed to have her.

Next, is the book cover. We will call David tomorrow and get that going.   Isn’t this exciting? Can you TELL I am excited about this?

We had a re-do on our web site.  Instead of being 2 sites, 2 languages, we are now 1 site (WORDPRESS).  And now I have the ability to host my book….and that is ALMOST complete.

Pull it

IMG_0080_2I must admit, I was nervous about speaking.

I had something happen to me on Friday that I wanted to include in my speech.  You even read about it in the last blog.  Jill helped me write it, so I was confident it was perfect.  All I needed to do was practice.  I didn’t know HOW much I would have to practice!

I modified the talk on Saturday afternoon and practiced my delivery the next three days.  Then, I even told my speech therapist that I was excited to add a new component to the talk. Unfortunately, I decided NOT to add it because I just couldn’t do it smoothly.  I tried and tried… tried and tried…only 100 words, but I couldn’t get it out properly  I guess you will have to come to my next speech to see it.  I promise you will like it!

Time to get back to work…next week

IMG_0282Wow… what a great vacation I had…with both my kids home.

When I think back on it, I really had a fantastic time:

  • Rachel served Cosmopolitans at our mixer
  • Both our kids went out to dinner with us…numerous times
  • Rachel and I shopped for gifts together
  • Tom and Rachel sat uncomfortably at a 3 hour, R-rated movie
  • They liked the gifts we selected (from their list)
  • Both SAID the had a good time

Isn’t that neat?  What more could I ask for!

Next week, I will tell you what I am doing differently.   I am truly excited about the possibilities this new year will bring.

Don’t get comfortable!

IMG_0173As I wind down the year, I am thinking about all the possibilities that revolve around next year.  I officially joined NSA- the National Speakers Association and went to my first meeting last night! They were a very nice group of people who definitely supported me.  In addition, I went to eSpeakers site and filled out my NSA profile.

Odd thing: even though I file out my profile yesterday, my phone still hasn’t rung!  Maybe I will give it another few days so MORE people will see it.  Only kidding.  I know this is going to be a LOT of work.

I can not get comfortable. It is easy to let my speech “go” because I am not giving it as much.  During my year of presenting, I have give it almost 100 times.  This month, I only have 1 speech!   But if you are coming to hear me speak, don’t worry.  I am practicing it a few times a week!

I am just waiting for my check


I have NOW achieved 20 paid speaking engagements.    Why is this so important?  I can join the NSA (National Speakers Association) when I get paid in October.

This takes me to the next level as a speaker.  Once I join, I can:

  • Can participate in all the NSA programs
  • Begin to contact the Speakers Bureaus to market my services
  • Start marketing my speech to a wider audience


This is HUGE.  Combine this with the NEW video I will be launching soon, and this takes me to the NEXT level.  Even better, I am 6 months ahead of schedule!   I just have to wait for my check to come in October.

Oh, that reminds me:  When will that book be ready, Jill?


I am inspired!

IMG_0112Today, I gave my speech to professionals who are between jobs.  Most of the people were over 50.

In the “old” days, professionals were taught that the should work REALLY hard and learn their skills so they could better do their jobs.  The companies, in return, would value them and promote them.

But today, the companies want different skills…and they are going for a younger audience.  That leaves these older people looking for work.  But here’s the good news:  these people have an edge!

  • They have knowledge.
  • They have the discipline.
  • They have the experience.

None of these things can be learned by a younger person.  The “old timers”  just have to be patient.  They have to keep going on appointments. They have to keep learning. They have to be open for these new experiences.  Then, in 6-8 months, they will find their dream job.  How do I know this?

I will tell you on my next post.




Jill said she saw my blog….and started laughing!

I said “what is so funny?”  She responded, with uncontrollable laugher, “Take a look at it.”  So I did.  When I got to the third line, she couldn’t hold back the laughter.  It should have said: “Fortunately, they haven’t asked for proof.”

I read it and re-read it, but I didn’t see the problem. Then, I realized what I did.  That is so frustrating. This is what I meant when I said “my writing comes out just as wonky as my speech.”


My Life Now

I am going to start talking about my life NOW as I re-start my new career: Inspirational Speaker !

I have been at it now since July 1.  The good news: Negativity has no impact on me!

I had to wait till I had a stroke for this to kick in? Prior to my stroke, what people said or how they reacted to what I said effected me. Not any more!  Now, I listen to people who had some terrible things happen in their lives.  But as they tell me their stories, peace comes to their eyes as they get their story out. The more I hear, the more I think this message needs to be heard.