My First Blog…

OK, this is not my FIRST blog, I posted 673 blogs already.

However, today I will be starting my NEW Blog…Life After The Stroke. After careful consideration of what I would after the pandemic, I am decided to be a full time blogger, while I can be home and travel for pleasure. The speaking business has had its challenges and most of the speakers are giving the presentations in ZOOM. That works, but not for the people I am trying to reach.

I Start My New Gig…Today!

I hope you will join me in my new venture; I am VERY excited about what the next chapter looks like. You notice I said MY new venture; I am going to try to keep the stress off of Jill. But after I said it, there ARE still some things that I will ask her to do… but don’t tell her.

First, before I start my blog in September, let me give the good news: my two children got engaged, to different people, in August.

We spent time with each of them in the past year, but we didn’t expect this…in the same month; Holy cow!!!! (It has been said I say that often.) Now, there are ALL the things associated with a wedding.

Stella, Rachel, Nat, Ryan
Tom, Bethany, Gordon, Jill

Who Will Be First?

So who is getting married first? As of now (things change hourly),

Tom is expecting a tiny ceremony in December 2020 and he will have 2 “parties” in Oregon and in New Jersey sometime in the future.

Jill did the leg work and found out what it would cost to do at Oswego Hills Winery. (Note: Jill is having frequent conversations with Tom and Bethany so things are for ever changing.) It DOESN’T look like they will be having it there…but things change!

Rachel is planning a ceremony and party on November 6, 2021…so we have a year to plan. I am guessing she is VERY excited about that one. She told us they are looking at Anthem, AZ for a hew home. How exciting!

Where Do I Start?

In September, I will be trying NEW stuff. I will talk about my early days of the stroke and think back on what I learned about myself during the stroke. I will be addressing some serious topics and throw some humor to make it lighter.

I am only planning on 1 maybe… occasionally 2 blogs per week because writing a blog is difficult! Also, I want to do some video blogs…and they are V E R Y difficult to do!

While it sounds good, consider this: First, I have to write out what I want to say…and then I have to practice saying it. Easy? I did a two minute video of me talking about why I would not be communicating during our meeting. The video was recorded 6 years ago (nice glasses), so I am a little better now… but the 2 minute video took a month to get it right! Even now, I cringe when I watch it, so that is up in the air.

Are You Still Interested In Receiving my Posts?

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And finally…

Here is the reason we enjoy life…

Are You Ready?

by Keith Taylor

Are you ready to make a positive change in your life?

Everyone will answer a resounding “YES”! However, are you really ready?

Shortly after my stroke, I would say “I am ready to move forward and make the necessary changes” in order to see some positive results in life, but then, I wouldn’t do anything about it.


One of the biggest issues is that we set huge goals, instead of making realistic, day to day progress and having checkpoints to keep us on track.

Due to the size of it, we are overwhelmed and decide not to do anything. Instead of doing a little bit each day to get better, we try some big feat and quickly get discouraged. On goes the cycle!

This is going to take time, and the “Little Wins” will help you move forward. No matter where you are at in your stroke journey. 

Another issue; It is easy for us to play the “Woe is me” card after having a stroke.

I couldn’t get the words out that I wanted and I felt weird because of the change in looks, walking differently, being upset about almost everything…on and on.

But remember, ALL PEOPLE go through tough times in life, and most everyone is focused on the most important person they know…THEMSELVES! This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just the way of the world.

Acknowledge this (albeit internally), it will help you understand where others’ are coming from and get over the feeling that you are the only one going through challenges.

Once you make a decision to move forward, you will be tested. I don’t know why this is, but it is true.

You are not the only one this is happening to. You can find many examples showing people being challenged once they make a decision. Our brains like the status quo, and you are going to make it perform better.

Be prepared and welcome it!

It is going to take work, but the changes will be positive. You will look back in a few years, and not even recognize the difference.

You will be more confident.

Talking to others and not questioning everything you say is huge.

Your abilities will increase.

People will recognize how self-assured you are.

Your knowledge will grow.

It will be exciting to continue to learn.

Don’t worry about being perfect. Just get started!

The truth is that it takes dedicated perseverance to obtain results after having a stroke. You must ask yourself if you are willing to put in the hard work, time, and actions needed to change.

Set some realistic goals. Track them. Get some positive results. Then move on!


So here we go…

We enjoyed the neighbors holiday fireworks as we watched another July 4 celebration.

When I decided to start a new business in 1986, I started TBS Marketing Services on the weekend of July 4, 1986.  Dave Hans and I purchased a telemarketing machine from a company on the East Coast. At the time, I thought this was so high tech: 5 individual players/recorders and a Tandy Computer that tied the system together.  This would enable me to dial 5 people at once (Actually, this machine would call one number at a time and then go on to the next phone number. In theory, it was like calling 5 people almost at the same time.)  There would be NO live callers; just a DJ or someone who had a wonderful speaking voice asking the callers for their interest.  This was a dream come true….selling this fantastic new service.

A month later, we got a note from the phone company telling us that the system was now illegal!  We could continue to use the machines until we got caught…or scap it immediately.  We decided to scrap the machines and start a telemarketing company.

It was a great run; we sold it in 2000 and I moved to Portland in February 2001. My job as VP of Sales at only lasted thru July 2001 when they declared bankruptcy …and I had to start over again looking for a job.

I started Sales Velocity Group (just me)…and it grew year over year until March 2008 when I had my stroke.  When I recovered (my wife Jill may have a different interpretion of events) I tried working for my friend Scott, but it was clear that I didn’t much to offer the partnership.  We disbanded as friends.

I joined the National Speakers Association in 2012 and got to me the most fascinating people. You can’t believe the generosity of the members who wanted to help me achieve my goals. When the Covid-14 pandemic hit, I had time to think about what next.

As you know, I thought it would take a few hours.  Boy, was I wrong!  When I weighed all the options, I decided I do something differently.  After 3 months of soul searching, I decided to be a professional blogger!

My website is in the startup phase…  (The very first iteration)…but I am ready to start.  Hey, I think I may need different cards!!!


The next few months will be exciting as I get my new site operational.  I look forward to your feedback.  To be clear: I will still be writing about stroke and how OTHER people are dealing with their new situation. Sometimes I will offer perspective on how we can learn their efforts.

You may not know this: Since my stroke, I am afraid of people.  In public situations, I don’ say much; I just listen. Now I can focus on my writing.  OK, that is funny…,but I can dream!  Who knows: I may become good at writing!

How about this….

What if I become a blogger?

I can write about what others are doing…relating to stroke recovery…and how OTHERS can benefit.

I THINK I had this idea before, but I am not sure; you know the reasons!  If I just blogged about it…and silenced my voice, I would hit all the items on my list.

Regarding the list: when the pandemic hit around Covid-19, I had sometime to think about what is next. I looked at new sites, and thought I could add value. I found this one where I could add what I learned.  I have it parked on my website ( until I figured out what to do next.

I will share with you what I wrote down and how I reached the conclusion of what I want to do next.

What CAN I do?

  • Ask questions (I am really good at asking other about their problems)
  • Get people to talk
  • Get people to open up
  • Positive outlook
  • I always smiling

What CAN’T I do?

  • Talk ( I CAN’T talk about myself…even if I have prepared)
  • Talk to people who have communication issues
  • Talk to people who want ME to talk
  • Think clearly

What do I want to do NEXT?

  • What if I could stay in my home and work?
  • What if I could write; it may TAKE a little longer (and the grammar would be simple text), but I could do it.
  • Who would want to talk to me?
  • How can I get them to reach out?
  • Think about the people who have reached out.  How did I handle that?
  • What if I became a blogger about stroke recovery??
  • Could I think of new ideas?
  • What if I added items from other sites?
  • Could I start collecting them?
  • What if I just stayed on my site and did this. Would anyone follow?
  • How do I build followers? 
  • Offer program to stroke survivors through hospitals??

That’s it: I could be a blogger!

  • Work from home EVERYDAY
  • I can write about what interests me
  • No more travel…it  was great for a while, but now it is time to do something else
  • I can now travel for fun…and to see my family

Stay tuned for my life as I branch out into the future; I am excited about what the future holds and how I can transition my site.  I hope you will continue to follow me on my journey.