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We were a typical family: we lived trying to do things right — working hard, providing for the family, following Christian values. On Gordon’s 51st birthday, out of nowhere, a terrible thing happened: he suffered a massive stroke! One might say we were dealt a dirty card, but we see it differently. The experience has been a true test of faith and perseverance.
Our journey of recovery is still in progress. Gordon is now 9 years post-stroke and we are happy to report that he is getting better all the time.  We will discuss this life changing experience and the lessons that have come along with it. Our hope is to inspire people and help them see that good things can happen, even when one doesn’t think it is possible. Gordon is certainly not fully recovered from his stroke so this isn’t an “I did it and you can too” speech. I am in the middle of my recovery and so my perspective is from “the trenches.”  I am now the disability guru; a true stroke to success story!

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About Jill 
Jill Viggiano spent 19 years working in commercial real estate before retiring to become a full time mom. An active volunteer, Jill couldn’t help but raise her hand and take on leadership roles in the community. The opportunity to form and advance philanthropic organizations and their causes kept her engaged in both local and national efforts. Jill’s style is to create a team environment where cooperation and accomplishment happen while having fun.  When her husband survived a massive stroke in 2008, Jill focused her skills on his recovery.  She now assists him in his day-to-day needs as well as in his speaking career.  Jill wrote Painful Blessing, a book about her spouse and caregiver experience, shedding light on the real life impact of acquired brain injury, and providing hope and encouragement to those facing significant challenges.

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Introduction of Jill & Gordon

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