I Don’t Understanding ANYTHING…after reading it

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I Don’t Understand ANYTHING After Reading It Pixie Dust

Need a good laugh?

Do you have a problem understanding something …after reading it?….

DA I hate to say it,… but I do! DA

I can’t understand ANYTHING after reading ….more then a few sentences.  ….I never had this problem when I was healthy!

Need a few examples?


I am new to Pickleball; I started last year when after reading my speaking business …was cancelled…due to Covid. 

I got this email at the end of last year  “The USAPA was certainly busy during 2020 with a revised rulebook for 2021!  You can check out the new rulebook here! Alternatively, you can check out the Alternate 2021 rulebook here – this one attempts to simplify all the rules for you!”

I don’t know what that means!!!!  

After reading it over and over again, … I still don’t get it.  I will have my friend Kris to explained it to me, …then I know what it means. 


SEMRUSH is the worlds first marketing tool; it is Everything you need to dominate your niche online in one place after reading about it.  

They sent me this email sat the end of last year:

“We are excited to announce our new course, Audit Your Online Visibility with Semrush. We have collaborated with our Customer Success team to summarize the key workflows and tools all Semrush users should use when starting out.”

Again, ….what does this mean

How frustrating it is not to understand ANYTHING after I reading it…. numerous times. 

I hope tomorrow goes better.

….All you can do …is laugh. I hope I was able to brighten …your day!  Chuckle for the day

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