How could people get divorced? It is devastating!

How could they get divorced?  Pixie Dust

DA People ….are getting …a divorce? DA

In 2020, Gordon Viggiano I had extra time to do some different things.  My speaking business has disappeared because of Covid. But I figured, that I would spend a little more time on Facebook and re-kindle the relationships I USED to have. 


And what did I find?   …. People are getting divorced!  In my busy, hectic  time,…. I didn’t think about it…so now, I… did because of Covid.

For me and my wife Jill, it brought me closer to her ….and I thought…. that was true of everyone. DA Nope. DA

I counted the people I knew who got divorced   ….I was amazed….At least 22  people …I know of…got divorced!

What set it off? … I knew this one couple BEFORE they were married because they both had good jobs and were excited about getting married.  Along the way, they gave birth to 3 beautiful children.  I thought: they did it right;…. THEY are the ones to look at as a happily married.

Then I read on Facebook that ….they were getting a divorce.  DA What??? DA 

They SEEMED so happy!  What went wrong?

They were married for a number of years and they became incompatible.  Rather than work through it, ….they got divorced.

That depressed me. 

DA Are people ever happy? DA

When your kids get married, …do you celebrate…or do just you wait patiently until they get divorced?

Why are people so fickle ?

When I was MUCH younger, I thought I understood ….the way life.  You go out, you really like someone ….and you get married…..  If it doesn’t go as planned, ….you get divorced. It seemed quite simple, right?

What changed my thinking?… I met Jill. The day I meet her,…. I KNEW I wanted to be with her…. the rest of my life.   DA Doesn’t EVERYONE have that feeling? DA

We both have been tested…and we both have honored the commitment we made.   The few times we disagreed, we talked about it,….resolved it.…and it was over.

Why can’t everyone have THAT! 

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