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Most Wonderful Son  Have in Pixie Dust

My mom gave me the  Most Wonderful Son Award a few years after my father… died.  

Right out of college,  I had the opportunity to work for Joseph E Seagram & Sons.  Where else GV  could you get paid to …drink! …it was a dream… job and the most wonderful son. 

After a few years of drinking, ….I thought there had to be another way to accomplish my goals.  All the managers above me were divorced …or their marriages were deeply fractured,…. nearing divorce.  

…. And what were the odds that I would be my in charge of such a large company? I had to change… direction.

A Change In Direction

I took a deep ….leap of faith …and began working for Advanced Communications….selling the device that could send messages to a large audience.

Actually, the machine was computer terminal, where you could type a message…. and sent it to a printer via a phone line…one message at a time.  Then it would dial the next printer… and so on and so on. DA It would take some time to send 400 messages. DA

I found an oil company who wanted to send out price changes to their wholesalers on a daily basis. This would be a huge win for them.  …. Remember , this was before FAX machines and the most wonderful son.


Most Wonderful Son

But back in the day, there was nothing like this around, but you still had to work around the setbacks

– The printer was only 20 columns wide, so the message …had to be short

– How do you set up the printer?

– If the printer was shared, you had to train a few people the Answer the phone line and then they had to  print out the message

– If the printer was on a dedicated line, you first had to order it

– The computer terminal sent it out ….one at a time. Could you broadcast the send?    

These things needed to be worked out and the most wonderful son.

While I was trying to gain enter into the oil companies,…  my father passed away of a heart attack.   

My Father Died

I went to NJ for the funeral, although lived in California at the time.   I told my mom that I would call her ….every weekDA and I did! DA

The reason I would wait for Saturdays to call?  My monthly phone bill for calling my mom was between $40-60; Back in 80’s, that was a lot of money!   I would call on Saturdays because it was half the price of calling during the week.

Most Wonderful Son

I visited New Jersey for Christmas in 1986  …She gave me my presents …And then he also gave me the Most Wonderful Son award.  I asked WHY… and she responded “you call me every week and ask about how I’m doing.   I really appreciate that.”

It is amazing the things that stick with you after all these years.  I still have the award and I look at it when I am feeling down.  …It gives me comfort. Smile

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