I Did My Tenth Video Blog!

My Tenth 3-5 Minute Video Blog   Pixie dust

This will be my Tenth 3-5 minute video blog, (have sign with 10 blog) since I reluctantly started my video blog businessebout how long my video is in August this year.  

I  was all set to have a banner year of 3-5 minute video talks, …but all my planned work …(public speaking)got canceled!! 

I had the opportunity GV to do a re-think … my plan

Re-Thinking My Plan of 3-5 Minute Videos

Maybe this would be a good time to start my 3-5 Minute Video Blog business?  With my motivational …speaking business GONE, …this seemed like a good option. 

When I started out, I first had to write what I wanted to say and keep it to 3-5 minutes.  DA  I hit my first check mark. DA

My Vlog Business

I was fine writing my vlog DA(that is what the users call their video blogs) DA but I faced challenges when it became time to read my speech.  Here is a brief video after a number of re-edits …when I read my speech….for the very first time:  (First video blog)   

I look at that talk …and I cringe when I watch it …!  

Even Now , if I don’t practice the delivery of my speech for 2-3 months…and memorize the  lines, I can’t give my talk. 


The workaround:  I still have to practice, but I don’t need to memorize the whole thing before I record. I do one line at a time…then stop the video …and memorize the next line …then record that line.  

This appears to work…and it is the only workaround I came up with.  Given this, I can do 2-3 talks per month, 3-5 minutes per talk.

Small Steps

Now that I said it, I can’t believe it takes me so long to get a 3-5 minute video out to you!  ….DA It is what it is! DA 

Do you want to look at …how far I’ve come?

Record over clips

3-5 Minute Videos

I started out  talking about how hard it was for me get an audible tone out that you could understand. show me taking with sound wiped out

ThenI talked about how long it would take me to get out my message  show me taking with sound wiped out

Love languages   I looked at how love languages worked…. in my life 

Fry’s going out of business   Then I looked at Fry’s and wondered HOW they were still in business with their lack of inventory

Chocolate chip cookies   We started giving Chocolate Chip Cookies  to ALL our new neighbors going forward.  Son getting married   I visited My son Tom and his new bride …Bethany …as they exchanged they wedding vows

Some Not So Rewarding

Sister in law dying   My next talk needed to be rushed…when my sister in-law Andrea Viggiano died suddenly

Kate Brown shutting down restaurants  There is nothing better than shutting down all the restaurants for two weeks… like Kate Brown did around Thanksgiving…and Now the shutdown has been extended!!!

Most wonderful son award  And finally, my mom gave me the Most Wonderful Son Award …which I still cherish.

Can I Make It With 3-5 Minutes Video?

Now the real question: Can I any make money at it? 

There are plenty of people  making a good living  (look at a few people)  …so why not take a chance?  Besides, I’m only 63 years old; it would be too early to do NOTHING!!! 

I will talk to you all… next year!  Happy Holidays!

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