My Son Picked An Incredible Bride!

My Son Got Married  Pixie Dust  Picture of Holding hands

Tom picture of couple got married a few days ago because Who Gordon Viggiano would ever believe this?  PAUSE   Not me!

When I had my stroke 12 years ago;, PAUSE  my son Tom became….. VERY ….distant to me.

Fortunately, PAUSE my wife Jill had a GREAT relationship with my son Tom.  PAUSE How good is it…   you may ask?  

Tom drives home from the army base he is stationed  at, PAUSE  and he calls his mother …   everyday PAUSE That make me look bad.

My Son Loved My Mom

My mother was fantastic and she was awesome alive. I use to call her once a week ( on Saturday)  and I thought that was great!  

Another angle Nope!

For example, we met Bethany a few months ago…before they were engaged PAUSE  and we really… liked her. So that concluded at least we weren’t surprised when we met her a few days before the wedding! We had the privilege  of meeting her parents; John and Laura were great people and they did an excellent job raising her.

My Son Did A Great Job With Bethany

John did talk to me and I really enjoyed learning about his business.  PAUSE  What did I like most about John? PAUSE  He didn’t argue with the bride when she went into a panic… trying to  preparing for the biggest day in her life PAUSE  No… he would  hug her and told her everything was going workout fine. PAUSE I admired that.

A person that Bethany used to baby sit for in her younger days…. New angle last year. angle When Bethany told her about her wedding, she insisted that we have the wedding at HER house. You wouldn’t believe how blessed we were to be at such a spectacular home.  While they were away, PAUSE  their daughter was at the house and put out Prosseco and appetizers; PAUSE it was a fantastic venue! 

Kind People

The person who officiated the wedding PAUSE got his certificate by answering 3 questions PAUSE  and paying $50 dollars… PAUSE so it was official! PAUSE  The mother, Laura, then read a verse in the bible, PAUSE which was very moving. 

Tom Is Turning Around?

My son Tom must have distanced himself LESS from me;  He Is the Tom I used to know. 

The wedding bride and groom was beautiful; Different angle I cried! Different angle

When the wedding was over, …they were married.  PAUSE  Most of the attendees, about 11 of them, had cake at their little apartment, along with the 3 dogs… and a cat. PAUSE   Congrats Tom & Bethany!!

No Shave November

You may notice something different about me. PAUSE  I am celebrating No Shave November.

Back a few years ago, No Shave November the morning TV new anchors all celebrated No Shave November.

PAUSE No more.    I guess they have other concerns Man with beard not cancer. PAUSE  

But I still celebrate. It’s time to put down your razors, No Shave November scissors or clippers … PAUSE  and grow out your hair for cancer prevention. No-Shave November is a month-long campaign to raise awareness and funding for cancer prevention, research and education.  I made my donation; I hope you will too!

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