My Sister In Law Andrea Passed Away

After I got home last week celebrating my son’s …beautiful wedding ….GV  my brother Lou lost his wife who Andrea passed away of Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) …a few days later. 

Andrea Passed Away

As we all celebrated with Tom and Bethany …. on our zoom call,….my brother Lou was in the hospital…. as he looked forward to just another day …with his wife… Andrea passed away. 

Should I be celebrating…or should I be comforting Lou as his wife Andrea passed away?  This was a tough question.

After praying about it for quite a while, here’s I came up with:  

  • You need to Celebrate the good times as they happen 
  • And Be thankful ….as you celebrate…NOW
  • Don’t worry, …….you will be taken down another path when its your turn to mourn. AA Trust me! AA 


We got to celebrate my son’s wedding on November 1, 2020.  

When I returned after a few days, I got the email from my niece and quickly texted my brother that his wife Andrea passed away; he really needed to know that I cared and was there for him.  He was thankful for me not reaching out over the phone; I understood that.  

As my son picked who he was going to be around …the rest of his life, ….my brother Lou lost his wife Andrea passed away …after 43 years of marriage …on November 5, 2020.

Kate Made It Clear

My niece, Kate, said in an email

pictures of Andrea “ like everything else Mom did, she handled the challenges she was faced… with grace and grit and gratitude,…. making it easier for the rest of us.  Last week,  she went into the hospital with pneumonia, and we realized ….after a while ….that she was declining.”

Andrea Passed Away – Her Final Words

Kate quoted Andrea’s feelings in her final days:

pictures of Andrea “We must allow ourselves to grieve and ride it through. But when we are ready …and remember the love, it overcomes it all. The love… fills up the space.” 

Andrea Viggiano

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