Are You Tired of Covid-19 Yet???

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Are you tired of COVID-19 yet?  …Last week, Governor Kate Brown put in another 2 wake shutdown…thru December 2!!!!   

When it first all started in March, we Americans GV were told it would be two weeks.  I thought: how could they shut down everything for two weeks?…. But I guessed they would reopen …when the two week window …passed. 

PAUSE    Soon after, it turned into a month.   

I looked at my engagement schedule for the year and it really had no impact. PAUSE I was planning on a good 2020 as result of Covid-19.

A month past by ….and it  looked like it would be another month of closed business.  OK, I thought, at least it will be over in 2 months over Covid-19.

Because it was increased to TWO months, it looked like I would have to reschedule my talk for the CKAHU (Central Kentucky Association of Health Underwritters) …to June 2nd.  That didn’t phase me.  The NSA (National Speakers Association) was still scheduling events for future months.

DANow it is more than 8 months! DA 

My NSA friends are now having Zoom meetings.  They have had sessions on Zoom about how we can still be impactful. They have entire meetings on running your business on Zoom!

With Covid-19’s help, I decided to wrap up my speaking career this year…and refocus my efforts on working on my video blogs.  In the past, I was prospecting each and every day… spending time on my video blogs… was out of the question. 

Now, with my prospecting gone (because my speech had to be heard in person),  the decision became easy for me.

In the past, I could predict my income.  But now my income is unknown because THIS is a new business as a result of Covid-19

That is exciting for me ….as I am learning the video blog business…and there are so many things to learn! 

They were starting to open things up after 8 months….and now this 2 week “freeze” in Oregon???  How could restaurants make overhead by serving 1/2 the tables??? Now, they will be forced to do takeout only for a two weeks as a result of Covid-19.

What about all those waiter and waitresses jobs not filled? 

DAWhat about all the businesses whose employees are working from home

DAWhat about the scores of business who used to rely on the foot traffic but are now there is none? …  PAUSE I feel it is criminal! PAUSE

While I  am excited about the path I have chosen, …I am deeply concerned about all those people who are still  unemployed….can do right …right now.

One thing I am doing to help out the restaurant business out of Covid-19 ; we decided NOT to change our eating plans.  We still do a Coupon Friday (we go to where they offer me a coupon for something), we go to Einsteins on Saturday mornings ( we can’t eat in Einsteins… but we go outside to eat) ….and we go to a fantastic dinner on Sunday nightsbut will have to do take out during next two weeks!…  Disgust

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