You Need To Use An Outline

Use you outline before you give a speech!

Video Blog 2 v.11  

Put Name across my body

Check it out. (Point to screen) Rather the me saying my name, (This is Gordon Viggiano)  my name is appearing right here (point down to where it is appearing) .  

I am becoming a Video… expert. Smile  (PAUSE) 

In The Beginning

Back when I was a speaker… (different angle) (it sounds kind of funny, doesn’t it….) (different angle) I had years to perfect my talk.  I would make a change in a sentence…and I would practice that change until it sounded perfect (PAUSE)

Sometimes ….I wouldn’t make any changes at all

And other times,  I would change a whole paragraph. (have image of freaking out.) ….Then I needed to practice for a long time before I was able to deliver that speech

Outline  (display on camera; use nice font)

So what does it mean to need an Outline? (PAUSE)

Everyone Need An Outline

If you are like my wife, she would take a couple of notes(show note pad) before she was about to speak.  She would read them over a few times…. and that’s was  it.  When she spoke, she sounded like she really knew her talk and she was an expert in her field.  (PAUSE) (PAUSE)

…Then there was Me.  (PAUSE)

My outline was random words written on paper. (PAUSE) 

I can read the words, but I didn’t really know what they meant.  …. It takes practice of saying these words…..over and over and over again…Even then, I still had to have my outline in front of me.  

Actually…., this isn’t an outline,…. it’s really a script show script…There are the directions of when to smile, when to laugh and  …..when to pause ….and for how long. (PAUSE)

None of this comes naturally. (PAUSE)

I wrote this script on September 12 and gave it version 1 (show real script).  (PAUSE) Then each day,… I modified the script to make it better.  It was sometimes missing a word ….or clarifying a sentence that just didn’t make sense.  I changed the script to version 2, ….version 3, …etc. 

I wanted to know how many script changes it does take before I start to practice my live talk. Show this one I have at the time of recording  This one took me 11 versions. (PAUSE)

You remember how much I have to practice the script before I go live???  In the past, it took weeks !!  Now I’m trying to reduce that time.

You wanted to know something?  It still won’t be THAT good.  (PAUSE)  I realize that. (PAUSE) 

My Wish

My hope is somebody will watch my talk and decide THEY are not afraid of trying something and failing. Failing only happens when you are trying to succeed. In my former life, I understood that. (PAUSE)

So my lesson: Don’t be afraid;  (PAUSE)  Take risks.

(PAUSE) What is the worse thing that could happen?  

(different angle)

Before I can Fortunately…I can cut the camera  (Show me saying that)…. (PAUSE) (different angle) 

What does this mean??? (PAUSE) I just left it in here because it happens everytime I write. (PAUSE) It totally make sense to me, but it doesn’t make sense when I read it.


I just thought that was funny….Don’t you agree?? That’s why I include all script changes and version changes when writing this…I really want it tomake sense 

Just a quick question:This is my second attempt at a video blog.Am I showing any improvement??? Smile

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