I Bet You Can’t Wait for This!!!!

Yup…Jill is writing an Epilogue to her Painful Blessing story…and I decided to distribute it for FREE…No Charge…to you!

I know what you thinking…How could he forgo all that income from this Epilogue?  What can I say, it is just the way I am.

Don’t expect another book; it is truly an Epilogue.  You will fine out:

  • Am I getting better?
  • What has he gotten back?
  • Can he talk?
  • Will I go back to work?

OK, maybe you know some of the answers, but there are plenty of people who don’t. Of course, you can look at my video file to see the progress I have made so far. But the way Jill writes about her experience brings it to the next level.

This chapter has certainly become an Epilogue; it’s a final review…to date. Jill shouldn’t have a problem connecting with people.  It is the ONLY good thing about this: People now have the time  if they take a break from Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

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