A Special Keynote speech….

I delivered a “special keynote” speech at OHSU for a group of Thailand professionals who were at OHSU for a week.

I was unsure if they were hearing my speech, so I decided to test it on my own.  In the beginning, when I say “In March of 2008, I suffered a massive stroke,” I put smile on my face; at least 50% of the audience smiled. At that point, I had to slow it down, so maybe they could get a feel for what I was to say.

It was challenging giving my talk, but fulfilling that they were there to learn.  Not once did I see the attendees look at their phone…and I appreciated that.  We gave them a copy of the book, Painful Blessing. That is me, the tall one in red in the center.  That felt really good to say that.  And who said I didn’t have the Christmas spirit!

That is Connie Amos next to me.  We think the world of Connie and will do anything she asks.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!  I will be talking the next
two weeks off.

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