A nice note to remind you of what NOT to do….

Sometimes it is nice to see something like this…and not be compelled to answer.  A few years ago, I did want to respond.  So I thank Ms. Sannie Mutul for reminding me of all I got back.  After 11 years, I still have more to gain!

My Name is Mrs Sannie M. Nureeden,  born July 19, 1949. I need a trust
worthy person who can help me accomplish my desire wish
on earth in humanitarian service with the 10.7 million US dollars
funds that was left for me by my late husband in a financial
institution before he was murdered.

My doctor has informed me that I have short period to live because I
have been under medical supervision for over (3) months since I have
been battling with a deadly infection. I do not have anybody after my
only  young daughter who will inherit this fund if I don’t survive the
sickness through your assistance. Please get back to me if you can
give me your word of assurance to be trusted.

Yours Sister,
Mrs Sannie Mutul

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