Disability Challenge!

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Ben Davis, of DI Broker, offered this challenge:

Disability Insurance Awareness Month begins on May 1st. Now is the perfect time of year to bolster your DI sales with the promotion of income protection to your clients. Protecting income should be the cornerstone of every sound financial plan. The economic safeguard of one’s most important asset – their ability to earn a living – is absolutely paramount.

Without a steady paycheck, your clients and their dependents face financial ruin and a future of uncertainty. In order to help with the advancement of the disability industry in general and to support the upcoming Disability Insurance Awareness Month, I’d like to issue a call to action. I decree a “90-Day DI Challenge” to any and all capable licensed life/health insurance brokers and general agents in this country. I’d prefer to challenge you to write a certain number of policies. But the truth is, most of you out there are unlikely to write one DI policy a year, let alone a dozen. So, my personal challenge to each and every one of you is to tell 15 clients about protecting their income in the next 90 days. That’s just 5 a month! All you need to do is have a client’s name, sex, age, income, occupation and state of residence to get a quote. There’s a link to request a quote in the comments below. hashtaginsurance hashtagDIAM

Ben Davis
Helping Insurance Agents increase revenue by identifying Disability Insurance opportunities in their books.

Insurance Agents:  Please take Ben’s Challenge. We really need to raise Disability awareness. Sometimes is the near future, you will be getting a calling thanking you for making then purchase disability insurance!

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