I am prepping for my June talk…

Did I mention no slides?  You heard me right: No Slides!  I had to start prepping last month…and I have another 3 months to get it down!

You would think preparing for my speech is simple, but this 15 minute talk has a little bit of my speech and a little bit of Jill’s speech…and did I mention there aren’t any slides!

I know you can relate. What do I do with my left hand?  I have been working on my speech for about a month.  In that time, I am adding, subtracting and having my wife clarify some situations. Now, I am ready to make my PDF file, and continue reading.

You know what? I haven’t started recording myself yet; I just cringe thinking about how I will sound.  But, I have to do it, if I want to sound natural to the crowd.  If you remember, I practiced this speech for 8 months before delivering it for the first time!

Time Will Tell

OK, I just recorded a few segments…and I was …terrible!  I glad I have another 3 months to perfect my talk…and to position my hands better!  Imagine if the audiences loved what I had to say and wanted more of my time?  And imagine what it would be like to change my speech each time?  I could only do 2-4 speeches per year!  The audience would show up and be happy to hear me speak, but they wouldn’t know of the troubles I had preparing for my talk.

I won’t tell them!


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