Recovery IS a TEAM sport….

I don’t know why that statement is in my head…but it is!  My wife ALWAYS says that to people who are aiding others who are recovering from a stroke. She doesn’t mince words and she tells it like it is…with total honesty.   I like that.  She involved my family in lot of the things I did during my initial recovery.

Would YOU like to participate in YOUR long term goal setting?  Would YOU like to monitor YOUR progress? Would YOU have great satisfaction from that experience?

Following is another post from my wife:

A Great Response

I always say Recovery is a Team Sport.  Every sport requires scheduled practices, specific drills, and a goal.  Successful recovery takes the same discipline.  I suppose the first question is does she want to be on the team? Does she want to recover? Is she willing to work to make it happen?

For me and my husband (11 years post stroke), we first agreed on the goals. I made the practice schedule and the therapists gave us the drills.  I scheduled our exercise time and put it on the calendar. We did not deviate from the schedule. Depending on the day, we had an hour or two to devote to therapy then we always did something fun. Luckily for us, walking was always our main source of fun and connection so post-stroke we always walked (I pushed him in the wheelchair in the beginning).  Walking had a huge effect on his recovery–happy, oxygen to the brain, increased bloodflow, strength.

We were wildly aggressive in our goals and we did not hit a single one BUT we recovered far more than anyone thought we would.  What did this mean? We became much closer as a couple. We were in agreement about what we wanted to accomplish and we were in it together.  Win win win.

If you can’t be there for all the exercises, is there someone who can join the team? Is there someone who can commit to certain days and helping with certain exercises at a certain time?  Can your little boy be involved with some of the work? LIke, can he sit on her foot when she is working on leg raises? Silly things like that?

The great thing is that recovery is always possible–as long as you are willing to put in the work. Our brains are amazing and our bodies are resilient. Working on recovery can be slow but so what? Make it fun, include friends, family, music, anything to keep the momentum.  Good luck.

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