Hello this is ______. How may I help you?

I cringe when ever I hear those words!

I think it was from all those times calling HP and all those companies supplying support to the PC platform.  Unfortunalely, I never could understand what they were saying.  It wasn’t THEIR fault,  but it was hard and very difficult to deal with.  The calls were frustrating to me: I had to keep asking them to repeat.  I am sure it was frustrating for them…also.  When I heard a few years that Apple Computer had a total US call center, I went with Apple…and I haven’t looked back.

There is one PC program I still use: Quicken.  I even recently bought a new PC just to run that!  I have been using Quicken for years (since 1989), but never had a problem.  That changed last year.

I used to be able to figure things out.  With the stroke, that changed completely.  Luckily for me, I still try to figure problems out. But when I get stuck, I call the help line.   So far, I placed 3 calls over the past year.  The first 2 were easy solutions that my wife could answer..I just didn’t ask her.

The call today was different

I  won’t bother you with the details, but I spoke to a girl from Guatemala…and I could only detect a very slight accent. I asked her how long she worked there…she told me only a few months.

When the first thing didn’t work, she told me she can fix it, but it will take awhile.   She could tell I was super happy, because I gladly said YES.  She had me looking for things (she didn’t tell me why each thing was important) and told me exactly where to look.  When I didn’t understand (a normal occurrence for me) she didn’t get mad…she just said it in a different way.  Isn’t this the kind of call you always wanted?

When she was done (in 45 minutes) she asked me if there is anything else she can do.  I wanted to  think of something just to see how she handled it…but I told here she did a great job.

Quicken is a fabulous company and they truly care about their customers. Here is what they sent to me after the call:

Quicken offered excellent help and I will tell anyone who will listen. HP and all those other companies can learn something from this!!!!

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