Hurry up…and wait!

It was like this the past few days…hurry up and wait!

We left for our meeting in Denver on Wednesday, because I NEVER want to be late when speaking on the following day. We got to the hotel at 4:30pm and we quickly went to dinner.  We got back to the room at 6:00pm and just relaxed the rest of the night.

We got up at 9:00am, and had an enjoyable breakfast. Our ride wouldn’t be picking us up until 1:30pm, so my wife and I had a truly enjoyable time talking.  It was great to relax while talking with my wife; REALLY talking with my wife was truly memorable.

Then, our ride came and got us to the event at 2:00pm. That is when the fun started. It’s fortunate, I had everything I needed. The presentation was going to be viewed on GOTO Meeting, which mean my sound didn’t work. I DID have my presentation backed up to Powerpoint, so we were ok.

Then we gave our talk (which was fabulous) and we had to get to the airport IMMEDIATELY!   We rushed down the stairs and found 2 other guys waiting for their rides.  Fortunately, my ride came first..and we rushed to the airport. The was a lot of traffic, but the Lyft driver went 90 on some parts of the freeway where there  wasn’t top much traffic.

We got there 30 minutes before my flight boarded.  Not bad. We had TSA Precheck, so we breezed thru the line. We took the train to my gate and we decided to grab a meal before we took off.

Unfortunately, the cashier was new and didn’t know how to ring up my order. We FINALLY got the receipt, and we rushed to our gate. 2 minutes lates, we boarded!

If anything had NOT worked out, we wouldn’t have made our flight.


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