I Thought I was Horrible!

I hate to say it, but I really thought that I didn’t do very well.  It started out with the slides.  I fumbled through this:

 Can you guess how old I was?   (PAUSE ….Wait for someone to say 51) I was 51 years old.  That is amazing; I thought it and you said it. (PAUSE)  We are in synch…


But I figured I would amaze them with this:

I was a young, healthy, active, non-smoking, non-drinking- mostly non- drinking – normal cholesterol man, just like this guy! (point, Laugh)

The laughs were minimal.  I didn’t know what to do!

I made a few other mistakes along the way, but they weren’t intentional. I just couldn’t remember where I was in the talk.   You would think that after 500 + times, I would know where I was .  Nope.

Maybe that is what they expect?  I don’t know. The laughs were minimal, but I did get a standing ovation.  I couldn’t believe it!  Do people know what to do when they see me fumbling??  Do they think they shouldn’t laugh?

Then Jill delivered a flawless presentation …and she got only a few laughs.

But crowd that gathered around us was filled with people thanking us for sharing our faith.   The talk was extremely humbling.

I will find out if I was really HORRIBLE when I speak to my contacts this week.  I will let you know.

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