Summer is here!

We had a great summer…until last week when it hit 100 degrees!  It cooled down to 95 for the next couple of days.  Thank god my air conditioner is working!

Last year, my wife Jill invited her brother over to do a little handywork.  If you have seen
me attempt to work, you will understand where I am coming from.  Anyway, the air  conditioner went out the day before he was supposed to come.  I recommended she notify him in case he want to wait until it was fixed.  He said no problem; how hot can it get?

We hit the 100 degree mark AGAIN last year when he was here. We sat in the back yard, in the shade (it was 85 degrees in the shade)  while everybody else stayed inside in the cool 82 degree house. I told Jill, if he didn’t come, I would have checked into a hotel.   Jill told me to “suck it up and stop complaining.”

That is the kind of relationship Jill and I have!

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