I gave a speech in New Jersey!

This photo was taken soon AFTER my speech at Certified Financial Services in Paramus, NJ a few weeks ago.  As you can see, I am anxiously awaiting a beer!

I always ask my wife Jill, how did it go.   For the first four years, she told me it went “fine”.  But now, in the fifth year, she is saying things like “fantastic” and “really funny”.  I guess I am FINALLY getting better.

When Jill would me asked me how it went, I would always say “you were amazing”; she always knocked it out of the park.  I always tried to be like her, but I feel short.  Now I feel we are a team!

We arrived on Thursday and spent the first 3 days with my friend, Dean.  Dean and I met in first grade and were instantly friends.  Even when I left NJ almost 34 years ago, we would go see them occasionally….and it was like I never left.  This, to me, is what true friendship is.

Dean drove us to New York City to go into the World Trade Center.  It was cloudy outside, so the visibility wasn’t very good. But, we decided to go to the top and see maybe the Statue of Liberty, etc.

If you have ever been there, you know it is very CROWDED. Not today!  We showed our tickets and then walked the long maze to the escalators; again, no crowds. When we arrived, they had a movie playing about all that you will be able to see. Then, the pillars rolled up, and all you could see were clouds. It was funny; but you had to be there!

Dean and Sue with me at the World Trade Center…notice the crowds of people looking out the windows.


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