This is my 500th Email!

I didn’t think when I began writing this, that it would last so long: 500 emails!  I figured, I only had a few posts where I could offer my insights.  Boy, was I wrong!

My first Blog post, July 15, 2012…and Jill wrote this one!

Hi Everyone!

We are quickly coming up on the 4-year anniversary of Gordon’s stroke.  Even at this juncture, we are still seeing improvement in his ability to speak, think, and move his right arm.  The pace and duration of recovery gives new meaning to “slow and steady wins the race.”

Over the past year, we have been working on a speech Gordon would like to give on this whole stroke and recovery experience.  The good news is that he is now ready to do just that.  If you are or will be in the Lake Oswego area on Tuesday, April 10, and would like to attend his presentation, please email Gordon at

As always, we are deeply grateful to you who have shared this terrible experience with us.  We could not have carried this burden alone.


I didn’t have an email list; I just posted… HOPING someone would read it! I didn’t start promoting until April 18, 2013 when I sent it to my 14 emails; I had a 71% open rate and an 80% click rate.  I impressed my wife with the staggering numbers…until she asked my have many I sent.  The moment was humbling!

I like looking at how much after looking at 500 emails!

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