Gordon exercised EVERYDAY for six years!

One of the hardest obstacles to overcome in Gordon’s recovery was monotony.  Every day, 5 days a week, week after week, year after year, we did exercises given to us by Gordon’s therapists.  Over and over and over we did hours of exercises in an effort to revive and strengthen the right side of his body.  

After a couple years, it became clear that if we didn’t find a way to provide some variety, we wouldn’t be able to face the work and would therefore, fail.  We could not let this happen.

And so, Gordon’s Exercise Box was born!  I pulled together all the exercises we had been doing, created index cards for each exercise, categorized them by tools and body part in a recipe box, and used a color-coded system to draw up a monthly calendar for consistency and variety.  With this system, each day would be different yet we would still exercise all his affected muscles!  

What a difference it made!  Each day Gordon would ask me what was on the calendar.  Each day we faithfully completed the set of exercises.  We kept this system going for 6 years.  I can’t even describe the feeling when I put the box away for the last time.  After 6 years of exercising with Gordon, he decided he was ready to take responsibility for his continuing work.  I was excused.  Happy day!!

Jill Viggiano authored this blog.

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