“I appreciate Jill telling you to stay in your chair”

Did you ever think that you would meet someone who has to go by to different rules? That is the way I am…and anybody who has comeback after a life changing event.

I received an email from someone I met while my wife was speaking to a small group at ClubSport.  The person who wrote this note, was just a ClubSport member who came to listen to my wife speak about all that SHE has been through as a result from my stroke.  Who knew that this person would go thru a similar situation as me!  When I received the email, I was impressed with what she wrote:

Congratulations on throwing a frisbee and releasing it.  I heard your presentation several years ago at Club Sport. I have an autographed copy of your book and I have received your blog. In November of 2016.  I had a massive brain bleed and my left side was paralyzed.  I spent time at  a nursing home experienced c-diff, blood clots, then made it to Rio, finally when I got home my balance wasn’t good and fell and broke the neck of my femur.  I appreciate Jill telling you to stay in your chair?.   Through it all your fighting spirit has been an encouragement.  Where would we be without our friends and family of faith?!

I have come along way on this road and rereading your book last month I could understand and be even more impressed by your journey.

Thank you for sharing.  All the best to both of you!

It is emails like this one that keeps me going.  In times of despair, or moments that I don’t see myself as getting any better, a note like this one comes along and it makes me feel I am doing the right thing. Nothing happens unless you try!

And you know what? She was a delight to deal with!  She still had some struggles, but she was determined to get better. Meeting someone like that is so invigorating to me.

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