Finally…I can throw a frisbee…

….after 10 years of throwing it lefty!!!  I wanted to try something else on my 10 year anniversary of my stroke.  I used to love playing frisbee with my friends and family.  My claim to fame was standing on my one hand and catching the frisbee with my other.  It was great, but those days were now over.

To throw a frisbee, you have to be able to release the frisbee; I couldn’t do that….but I have worked on it.  After a few years of trying to throw righty, I now learned to throw with my left hand.  You can image, the throws were not pretty…and still aren’t…but I could still have fun.

But I have been practicing for a few weeks and can now throw a frisbee with my right hand!

As you can see, sometimes I still can’t release the frisbee. It isn’t pretty, but I am in it for the long haul.

NOTE: The above picture ISN’T my brother and me on the beach; hopefully I can play frisbee with him and not make him run around the beach…chasing the frisbee.

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