What an amazing birthday I had a few days ago….

Wow…I couldn’t believe it. It was like I had finally arrived to my calling as an inspirational speaker.

As I celebrated my birthday, I got 100+ emails from friends of mine. I couldn’t believe what some of them said and how much I had brought to their lives. I cried!

My first email was from a person who decided to hire me for her August event, talking to  250 people.  Then I had a call from a person who wanted to hire me for an August event…fortunately not the same dates as the OTHER August event.

Then I spoke to two more people who want to talk about hiring me for two events in the third quarter over the next few days!  Count them; that is 4 events in one day!!!

Can you believe it??

And Jill cooked me my favorite dinner..and made me her famous coffee cake.  What a day….. I can’t wait to turn 62!

God is watching me…and I said thank you.

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