Just in Time for New Year’s Resolutions: FoodSmarts!

You made a new year’s resolution to eat healthier. The National Stroke Association’s app FoodSmarts can help.

FoodSmarts is designed to help you manage all your nutritional needs in a simple, easy-to-use tool. Users log in and create a profile that includes their various food preferences and health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and/or stroke disease. Healthy eating habits are critical for those who have had a stroke, and are key in preventing stroke.
FoodSmarts is accessible online at foodsmarts.stroke.org as well as via a mobile app. Online accounts sync with the mobile app, which is available in the iPhone and Google Play stores.

With FoodSmarts you can:
• Search for recipes, ingredients and grocery items that match personal dietary restrictions and food preferences
• Connect with friends and family members to learn about their nutritional needs and preferences
• Connect with a personal Registered Dietitian or Nutritionist for advanced guidance
• Add family recipes, create meal combinations and check the nutritional content of your favorite dishes
• Find restaurant dishes that meet the special nutritional needs of family members
• Build a personal library of food favorites
• Automatically manage weight loss goals when meal planning and dining out

Through a partnership with FoodCare®, registered dietitians are able to provide advanced nutrition guidance to make using FoodSmarts? even more personalized.

Try it out!

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