I’m Back! Wait,I fell terrible. I’ll be back the next day.

(This is how I want to be viewed.) But as I began my routine on January 2, I didn’t feel quite right.  So, I decided to go back to bed for 30 minutes.  I woke up at 11:30am and I just couldn’t concentrate on ANYTHING. I went to my computer and I just stared at the emails.  Nothing seemed to connect. Have you had that happen to you?

I looked at Jill and she seemed even worse. Jill said that we should take a sick day.. and I agreed.  We both slept the rest of the day and through to next day…but I did wake up for meals. For example, at lunch, I flank steak and Cranberry juice. She just had a glass of water.

The next day, I figured I was going to be better and I would get started. On January 3, I felt even worse. I couldn’t keep my eyes open and I just wanted to sleep.  Jill, felt a bit better. again, I awoke just for meals.

What about January 4th? I work up, and I felt ok.   I was finally able to get back to my emails and get started on a few things I had on my plate.  Now, at 6:45pm Thursday night, I will start writing my blog…3 days late!

Just for laughs, here’s what my iPhone tracked leading up to the event.  I  started to fell sick late Monday afternoon:

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