How Did I Do?


I THINK I did OK; at least my wife TOLD me she was proud of me!

When I got done, I felt kind of bad because I thought I could have done better.  But I am going to believe my wife; she is a good indicator of how I went.

I thought I would keep trying to develop way to get more people to sign up for my blog.  I tweaked the response.  This is what I did.  After Jill was done talking. I told the attendees to get out their phones.  The I said to enter

They would land here:
I instructed them to fill out there name, and emails address if they want to get my blog. Then I said,  “But wait, there is more!”  I told them they could get an iPad mini if they gave me the name, email address and phone number of someone who would like to here more about this talk.  If they hired me, I would sent then an iPad mini.  This time I had 2 out of 50!  But when I got home, I added another 8 that logged onto my site.

I think I will go back to my OLD method, which was a clip board where they just put their email address.  I have consistently gotten 30-50% from the audiences who heard me speak!

When I call this client this week, I will let you know how I did.

BTW: My wife took this picture from the back of the room.  It is funny; notice how many people are sitting in the back??

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