NOW, I remember ALL my dreams….

I can’t believe it!

I started remembers dreams 2 years ago, but it was sporadic.  In February, of this year, I started to remember dreams in color, but I couldn’t write the dream down on paper after the fact.

But yesterday, I remembered multiple dreams …AND I could write them down… AND I can tell you what happened!  Should I get a GOLD Olympic Medal?  Is this feat beyond words?  I don’t know. I do know this: I am so excited that I can go to sleep and remember my dreams.

Imagine this: You went to sleep and didn’t remember ANYTHING when you woke up.  Then, after 9 years, you could now write the dream down on paper.  As I am saying this, it doesn’t sound that monumental…but it is for ME!  9 years of nothing and then BAM: I remember EVERYTHING!

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