I don’t believe it; should I have included a picture?

Wow…I don’t believe it.  I posted that Jill will be speaking on April 26, and EVERYONE that logged into my Blog to read more about it.  When I wrote my last post about me having reading challenges, hardly anyone logged on to read it!

I don’t understand it.  Sure, Jill was there to help me through my recovery.  She help me re-learn EVERYTHING, she walked with me, she cared for our two beautiful children, she took care of all the bills, she took care of the house, she shopped for the groceries, she took me out driving so she could re-acquaint me with Lake Oswego, she helped the children with their homework, she listened to our kids complain about me, she cooked delicious meals EVERY NIGHT, she said prayers EVERY night, etc.  But thats it.  I did everything else: I sat around having people wait on me.

Now I feel dumb; I guess she WAS fantastic!  OK, sure…come see Jill speak about HOW she handled this crises with grace, faith and with love.

Now, can I talk about me?  If you didn’t read my LAST post, please continue…

I still struggle. Let’s see if I can explain it.

I recently read the birthday cards I received. They were very funny to everyone in the room.  But when I read them out loud, I had to concentrate on every word.  Unfortunately, I didn’t know what I was reading, but people laughed.

If I read them out loud several times, I might get the humor but it would take work.  It is hard to explain the disorganization in my brain.  When I read, I see each word but I can’t connect them in any context.  They are just a bunch of individual words.

Even now, Jill is writing this for me because I can’t do it myself.  I tried to tell her what I wanted to write about but my explanation was all over the place.  She asked me questions and worked with me until she understood what I am trying to explain.  It is frustrating but luckily, we work well together and usually laugh as we talk things through.

Language and cognition are big hurdles.  It has been 9 years and I am still trying!

See…wasn’t that REALLY good stuff???

Do you believe me?  Check out the following:

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