Do you dream?

Do you dream?   I started to remember my dreams 2 years ago.  FYI, this is what I said:

Did you ever stop remembering your dreams?  I did…almost 7 years ago.

From time to time, I would remember a dream… after I woke up, but I couldn’t articulate what happened in my dream. This is the FIRST time I dreamt and I was remember what was happening in my dream.  I did something and I remembered it.  This is HUGE!  I almost want to go out and celebrate.

What next???  Will I start being able to articulate my thoughts?  Will I think before I  speak?  Will I be able to walk on my hands?  OK, I can not be walking on my hands… again, but who knows!

I had a dream just the other night…and I think it was in color!  I woke up and was going to tell my wife about it.   I WAS SO EXCITED! I planned the sequence of the dream…the beginning, the middle and the end…and I decided to write it down so I could easily articulate the dream.  I was so excited.  Was this the FINAL barrier I was going to face before getting back to work?  I was also thinking maybe I should take my wife out and spring it on her during our dinner.

I WAS SO excited.  I pulled out a piece of paper and began to write.

I wasn’t able to write ANYTHING.  The minute I started, my mind was racing to find the correct word and nothing would leave my pen.  Darn!   Maybe I should wait another year before I attempt the dream thing.

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