Back to work!


I have to recognize my grand daughter, Stella.  At 8 weeks old, she starts in daycare today.  My daughter, Rachel, got up at 4:30am today.  My wife, Jill, got up and helped her through this difficult time for here.  Rachel has separation anxiety and separating is very difficult for her.

I Remember…

I remember my first day taking Rachel to daycare.  She was a little bit older (5 months) so I thought this would be easy.  Not so.  I got there in plenty of time and sat with her for a half hour.  When I got ready to leave, the crying started.  What was I supposed to do.  Do I leave her, and run the risk of her hating me the rest of my life…or do I stay.

The daycare lady told me this is typical and that she would be fine.  I didn’t believe her.  So I stayed there another HOUR.  When I got ready to leave, the crying began.  I had to meet a client at his office, so I HAD to leave.  I remember what the daycare lady said, so I decided to peak.  I walked out the door, with her crying uncontrollably. When I peaked in, she was perfectly silent, enjoying the new sites!

That is the last time I was fooled by THAT!


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