It’s Time to Remodel!

At least we didn't take it down to the studs.

Remodel?  Right in the middle of your public speaking?


At least we didn’t take it down to the studs!  We spent A LOT of time watching Fixer Upper and figure “how hard can that be.” We had the chance to move into a house that needed a little updating.  Jill and I thought “this will just take a few days” and would cost under $20,000.

Then we hired someone who NEW what they doing.

We now have a designer, contractor, a painter, an electrician,a tile guy, a marmoleum expert, carpet guy, and others.  Our $20,000 budget is gone.

The good news: nothing is going to be changed…just updated. The builders put low quality finishes and now we are upgrading.  It will take a few months but we are excited. about the possibilities!

Now, I have to plan for my speech in San Diego this Thursday.  Wish me luck!






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