Another result is in….

The results of the CAHU in Denver, CO are in!  In looking the other speakers numbers, I guess I did GREAT.  They ranged from 10% to 58%; I was the highest at 69%.

But even better, were the direct quotes. These were 3 of my favorites:

“This story and message was exceptional.  I appreciate the opportunity to hear it and be inspired by it.  Excellent choice.  I have already read to book.”


“I truly appreciated his speech – my husband and I are business partners as well – and we have just applied for Disability Insurance!  I truly appreciated his message, delivery and the book is fabulous!”


“Gordon and his spouse were the highlight of the day. Incredibly moving and everyone in attendance either left completely inspired or needing to check their pulse!” 

And of course, there was the negative:

“I did not see why this speaker was invited.”

At first, I was disappointed. But as I read his quotes about the other speakers, I felt pretty good!  Someone once said “a speech isn’t any good unless you have a negative comment”…or something like that.


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