Stress…this is the way I feel sometimes!

I posted a picture of me at Costco getting my hearing aids worked on and a few people wrote to me and asked me what I was doing.


Here it is: I thought hearing aides were worn by “old” people. Now I reaching the age of “old”.  But these aren’t the kind of hearing aids senior citizens wear…these are way BETTER!  Check it out…

IMG_0115 (1)Audeo-60






I know what your thinking: Your bald, don’t hear, you can’t see, your right arm is weak, and  you can’t walk on your hands.  Wow…what a catch!

I wondered what Jill thought of all this. I asked Jill if she thought less of me or if I still bring her joy.  I honestly wanted to know since I am NOT the man she fell in love with 25 years ago.  The good news:  it won’t change my view of things because I don’t get mad.  So I brought up the question to Jill.

Jill thought about it for a second , smiled and kissed me.  That said it all!  Isn’t she the best!!!  I found a keeper.

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