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I just got this email from Bob Cook.  Check this out!

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Gordon and Jill presented to our team and I was very pleased with the outpouring of gratefulness afterwards from our team.

Some teammates were in tears when they asked Gordon and Jill follow-up questions and thanked them for sharing their story.  Many thanked me for allowing them present, were happy to receive their book and asked me for direct contact information to follow up.

Several had been touched by stroke or disability and we had a heartfelt discussion as a team about what is really important in life.  We also reviewed our corporate benefits options and I know of at least one Associate that purchased additional disability coverage immediately on himself for his family.

We hope to share this presentation beyond out Market by having the Viggianos present at a Regional gathering in the future.

The presentation is surprising, gripping, educational, motivational and inspirational and I recommend Gordon and Jill for any group that could use a little of any of the above!

Thanks Gordon!

Robert W. Cook
Senior Vice President
Market Executive, Oregon Idaho


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