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I was going to post a blog on Aphasia Awareness and how we are making headway:

It’s Aphasia Awareness Month! Spread the Word!

Did you know millions of Americans have aphasia?! Many individuals have never heard of the communication disorder. Help us change this during Aphasia Awareness Month! Join LingraphicaAphasiaAccess, and the National Aphasia Association and answer the question, what one word would you use to describe aphasia and why? Share your answer as part of our “Finding Words: Stories of Aphasia” campaign. Follow the three steps below to participate:


As a practice, I write some of my own stuff (it is pretty clear when I do THAT) and then I look at other things that I think readers care about.

But today, TECHNOLOGY is frustrating!

I got most of my “warm” calling done so I decided to take 15 minutes and post the Aphasia write up.  That is when my computer had problems.

At first, I just thought my connection slowed down.  As I patiently waited for my website to load, I decided to go onto another site and see if they had problems.  It loaded right away.  Thinking it was a fluke, I went to ANOTHER site…and it quickly loaded.

I decided to re-start my computer (this is what tech support always asks you to do). After the reboot, the same thing happened!  I decided to write this post in Pages, while I STILL waited for my site to load.  After more than 30 minutes, it was finally WORKING again!

You would think something was wrong…but it was just a technical difficulty.  How many time do we let technology mess us up?  I was once considered a tech guru…willing to find the problem and fix it….even if it took most of the day.  Now, I am like the rest of them…frustrated!

As I think back, why am I so frustrated?  Really, every things is just fine. We have our twist and turns, but everything ALWAYS works out.

Now, I feel better because things ALWAYS work out; It never fails.

How is your life going ….and do you let the little things bother you?

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