Wait….where do you live?


I will answer that question in a minute.  But first: how did our week away go?

After a couple of paid speaking gigs, we went to San Diego for a little time with Betty (Jill’s mom). We had a fabulous time; It was so great to see Jill’s relations. And yes, we had some killer Mexican food.

During that 3 weeks, we sold our house, got packed, found a place to live (temporarily) and cleaned our house.  Very time consuming…for Jill!   We have another couple of gigs and then we are off for the summer.  I hope to find a place in the coming weeks. Now that we have the money, I won’t rush the process.  OK, who am I kidding?  I will probably like the first place I see.  I am that way.

We are now over looking the hills of West Linn in our 1000 sq foot apartment. Our view would be the hills, if we were facing that way. We just wanted the cheapest apartment…but with some standards.   Jill said she didn’t pack much because she didn’t want incentive to stay.  I think that is working.

And yes…living here is an adjustment!

For those of you who don’t know, I photographed Rachel at the fountain below when she was a little girl. Brings back memories!


IMG_0392Gordon, Jill, Rachel, Betty enjoying the fountain in San Diego.


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