I cried

Baby crying

Do I cry often?  Fortunately no.  I wouldn’t admit if even if I did.

I think every speech is meaningful to me. This one was different.  After I was done, I actually cried.  I know what you are thinking:  “Buck up!”

The person was a young lady who was moved by my talk. She is going thru something similar with her mom.  Jill always knows what to say.  I wish I could remember it (I am blaming the stroke) but she said something very meaningful to her.

I know what you are thinking…again. He is so lucky to have her. I know!  I kiss her every morning and say “this is going to be the best day.”  OK, I do kiss her, but I don’t say it everyday.  That would be creepy.   But I say it to myself…everyday.  I learned to look at everyday as a gift.

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