2 DIFFERENT things I did!


Through Gordon’s stroke recovery, one particular thing continues to remind me of the loss his brain sustained:  I will see him watching or observing something, appearing to be fully engaged.  I ask him what’s going on and he says “I don’t know.”

How can that be?  He is watching and listening attentively.  To look at him, he appears engrossed in the scenario.  Yet it turns out he isn’t making sense of the scene or understanding context.  He isn’t able to tell me anything of what just happened.  It is just happening in front of him.  That’s it.

So Gordon asked me to write about something that happened last weekend.  You will think it is nothing… so read closely!

We went to Target and Gordon noticed they had replaced a couple check-out stations with self check-out stations.  Then, when we were leaving the parking lot, he reminded me that we were going to Trader Joes next.

No big deal, right?  These are a big deal to us.  Little occurrences like these tell me 2 things:  1) Gordon still works very hard to make sense of the world around him, and 2) even 8 years later, improvement is still happening.

Jill Viggiano

2 thoughts on “2 DIFFERENT things I did!

  1. My husband is 4 years beyond his massive brain hemorrhage. We experience the same scenarios all the time. I’ve learned this is a normal part of our lives but it does help to know these HUGE events that you’ve posted about in the last 2 days are normal events for other stroke warriors as well.

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