Her name has 2 spellings???

Mess up?

Did I spell her name right?


Recently, I went to the TSA so we wouldn’t have to wait anymore with the security lines.  As I fly more, I thought the small investment would be worth it. I went on-line, and completed the information for my wife and me. Sounds good so far.  What I didn’t realize: I spelled her name with one L:  Jil.  An email came to her , with her name wrong, and she didn’t notice.

What Is In A Name

Apparently, a lot! A couple of weeks later, we drove to the TSA place.  I went first, and it was easy.   Then she went.

It started out with her approving the info.  She immediately spotted that her name was wrong and the person fixed it.  We paid the fee, and told it would take a couple of days.

In a few days, as planned , I put mine into the system. When Jil,  I mean Jill tried,  her name was miss spelled.

With everything that is going on, I didn’t think a misspelled name was a big deal.  Apparently, it was for my wife. She is dealing with getting our house all prepared to be sold.  A TREMENDOUS amount of work: getting the roof washed, repairing the deck, tearing down the hideous wall paper, painting the room, staging the house, etc.

That’s funny: she doesn’t normally respond to dumb problems…but this set her off.  She is human!  Then again, I should learn how to spell.


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