How did I Do?

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If you believe the feedback forms, l did GREAT!

I re-did some of the content based on feedback from another source, and I THINK it is going in the right direction.  There are some things needing change (I working on it) and the feedback I received was my strongest:

Regarding how they wound rank the usefulness of the presentation, I received a eight, nine or 10 by 100% of the audience!  During my last presentation, it was quite a bit lower.  The client gave me some tips to make it stronger and it WORKED!

Then I asked what 3 things apply to you and your challenges?

  • Priorities
  • Goals, action, reflection
  • Finding weak points to develop a plan of action
  • Repetition (too often we learn but never implement)
  • Overwhelming setbacks (understanding failure or the perception of failure)
  • Discipline (not a fan of follow-through)
  • Gordon’s “never quit” mentality is totally inspiring
  • Don’t give up
  • Discipline and planning
  • Execute
  • Planning
  • Being more determined
  • Value of discipline
  • Setting goals in writing
  • GIRD
  • Remember who helped my along the way
  • Personal achievement
  • Setting goals
  • Plan for the unexpected
  • Work/life balance
  • Importance of staying focused.
  • Commitment
  • Support from others
  • Discipline
  • Focus on a plan that could be repeated
  • Power of attitude to overcome obstacles
  • Write down goals
  • Repetition and consistency
  • Accountability is a group effort
  • Importance of actively setting goals

Based on the exercises I gave them, a 100% said they would use them.  That is impressive!!

Am I starting to make traction? YES!   I am hoping this will be my turning point.

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