Was your holiday great?


Mine was fantastic!  I am beginning to turn the corner and I am excited about all that is coming my way.

The funny thing: I can’t explain it…it just happened.

I guess it was my 3+ years of phone calls…. EVERYDAY …that made it happen. Or maybe it was the 10,000+ emails I sent to my database that got a little traction.  Or maybe it was not letting the first…or second…or third…or xth “no” that I heard stop me. Or maybe it was all the things I kept posting on LinkedIn that drew attention.  I just kept trying.

I can’t believe it has taken so long to reach this goal.  And this is the initial goal I had…it’s not the long term goal!  But now, the long-term goal is looking like a reality.  When I started, I though it would be a year.  Then I thought it would be two years. Then I was sure it would be three year.  Now, the 4th year, things are beginning to happen!

I was listening to Joel Osteen yesterday and he spoke about what I was encountering.  It felt good to be acknowledged that I was doing the right things and I shouldn’t stop. He said that good things will come.  He was right!

I still have plenty of work to do; I am now seeing what lies ahead.  Wish me luck!

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