How was I?


Was I nervous?  No…I was looking forward to addressing this team.

I started giving my speech almost 4 years ago. I can not believe it!

In looking back, about 50% of the speech has changed.  That is a good thing!  Others in the speaking industry say you should continuously update your speech.  I change my speech ALMOST every time I deliver it.

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t write new items all the time…but I will adjust as things change.  And guess what? Since a small part of my speech is different (maybe one line), I still have to practice it to get it right!  So I do!

Good News

Last week, I delivered my speech to Thrivent Financial.  They are a wonderful group and I have been blessed to know them.  I was looking at the agenda: I had to fly up to Spokane Washington and then take the shuttle to the C’ouer d’Alene Resort in Idaho.   I assumed, the coordinator would book me for the shuttle.  When my wife asked about this, I told her we were all set up for it.  When she asked me what was my reservation number, I suddenly get concerned!  I realized that  I didn’t tell the person what time my flight was arriving and she had not book me yet. My wife called the night before and got the last 2 seats on the bus!

I felt REALLY stupid!  Did I ever tell you how much I love my wife?  She is a ROCKSTAR!

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